Glass air fryer with cb certification

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Rated Power: 1200W          Rated Voltage: 220V/50Hz       

•N.W : 2.5 kg    •G.W : 2.75 kg    

 •Product size:  291*256*309 mm

 •Gift box dimension:   322*298*350MM  

 •Master Carton dimension:  4pcs/1CTN, 680*620*375MM)

  Certification: CCC /CB


360° panoramic viewing of the delicious food

The control panel can be scheduled without supervision

Healthy and odor-free hiboro silicone glass safe for food contact

Easy to clean with one wipe

The high-temperature hot air quickly forms a vortex circulation heat flow, so that the food is heated evenly for crispy and tender texture.

Coloful Package: 300*300*355mm   Certification: CCC

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